New York Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in New York:

How does New York State know I am in the Electronic Lien Transfer program?

From the Business User Manual:

A lienholder participating in the ELT Program is required to consolidate any existing multiple lienholder codes into one specific code. You may select one of your existing codes as the one to be used for all future use or DMV will assign a code to you. Once the single lienholder code is identified, any lien that is recorded using this or any other codes that are properly assigned to the lienholder (filed in either electronic or paper form), will result in an electronic processed message being sent to the lender. No paper MV-901 (Notice of Recorded Lien) will be mailed.

Does the ELT program really mean our lien is recorded faster?

Both the actual recording of the lien and the confirmation to the lender are much quicker. Without ELT, a lienholder is required to complete an MV-900 (or a variant) and mail it to the DMV in Albany, NY. Once recieved and processed there, NYS will mail back a Notice of Recorded Lien. With ELT, liens are filed electronically. "On a nightly basis, DMV processes transactions and records the liens on our files. The next business morning, an electronic message is returned to the lienholder indicating that the lien has been processed." (The MV 909 "What Lenders Should Know About the NYS Vehicle, Boat & Manufactured Home Title Program")

Who is required to participate?

The New York Electronic Lien Transfer program is voluntary.

How do I sign up for the ELT program?

You need to complete an application packet available from and mail it to Decision Dynamics, Inc.

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