New York Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

ELT in New York

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) implemented the Electronic Lien Transfer (ELT) Program as a way of reducing costs and simplifying lien recording for lienholders. (ELT is called the Electronic Lien and Title program in most states, but "New York State's program differs because titles are issued to vehicle owners, not to lienholders; therefore there is no electronic title component in DMV's system" (from the NYS Electronic Lien Transfer Program Business User Manual.))

This service greatly simplifies the lien process in New York, as bankers, credit unions, dealers, and other lenders no longer need to store and file the Notice of Recorded Lien document until lien satisfaction. Lenders can electronically secure and release liens on titles using a web application developed by Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) called Premier eTitleLien™.

Premier eTitleLien™ was developed and continues to be improved as a partnership with lenders and lender organizations. As a lender-designed program it allows lenders to maintain control of their vehicle collateral while incorporating the benefits of electronic processing and communication. Decision Dynamics, Inc. began processing New York titles in February 2011 and continues to work with NYS DMV and our customers to improve title and lien management in New York and elsewhere.


5/28/2013: Web news: NY, OH, and WI lenders can electronically notate liens

5/24/2011: Press Release: "Premier eTitleLien™ has become the ELT product of choice for lenders nationwide. Our pay-per-transaction model without long-term contracts gives lenders the security of knowing that DDI is working for the best interest of the lender."

5/4/2011: New site!

More about ELT in New York

What is the Electronic Liens and Titles Program?

The Electronic Lien Tranfer (ELT) Program is a method by which the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and a lending institution (lienholder) can exchange vehicle and title information. Instead of printing a MV-901 (Notice of Recorded Lien) and mailing it to the lienholder, NYS DMV transmits lien confirmation information electronically. Once the lien has been satisfied, the lienholder sends an electronic message releasing the title and mails proof of lien satisfaction to the vehicle owner. The owner is able to request a title without lien from the DMV.

This process eliminates much of the paper handling involved in the vehicle titling process. Both parties benefit from lower costs of processing, mailing, filing and retrieving paper.

How does this work?

Very simple:

  1. The lender electronically submits a lien filing transaction to NYS DMV.
  2. DMV records the lien and sends an electronic message with similar titling information as appears on a paper form. This information includes a description of the vehicle and the name and address of the vehicle owner.
  3. DDI receives the message from NYS DMV, formats it, and makes it available to the lender in Premier eTitleLien™.
  4. The lender uses Premier eTitleLien™ to validate the lien information.
  5. Once the loan is satisfied, the lender uses Premier eTitleLien™ to release the lien and notify the vehicle owner of lien satisfaction.

Premier eTitleLien™ supports all NYS ELT features, making them simple and as foolproof as possible, and supplements them with additional tools.

What are the benefits of the Electronic Lien Transfer System?

The electronic lien transfer system speeds up processing time at the DMV (Notice of Lien documents are replaced by an all electronic process) and allows lienholders to reduce the handling and storage costs by replacing paper documents with electronic lien records.

Other Benefits:

  • Reduces title fraud.
  • Reduction of paper use.
  • Faster notification of lien satisfactions.
  • Reduction in storage of lien documents.
  • Consolidated, itemized monthly billing for title services.
  • Better customer service.
  • Reduced costs.

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